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Watch inside ISIS Tunnels as Iraqi Army Finds Secret Underground Military Base

Watch Inside ISIS Terror Tunnels as Iraqi Army Stunned to Find Secret Underground Military Base

The extensive network was unveiled after the terrorists fled the outskirts of Fallujah. The militants use them to reach the front line to fight and then slink away to safety.

A warren of terror tunnels excavated by ISIS terror thugs has been discovered by Iraqi forces.

The extensive network was unveiled after the terrorists fled the outskirts of Fallujah.

One of the longest tunnels surrounded a brick factory, Hashid Shaabi fighters said.

ISIS used the tunnels to approach, appear and escape from the front-line to reduce their casualties.

The tunnels run under streets and between houses, where the terror thugs take cover to fight their advancing enemy.

Iraqi troops have pushed towards Fallujah from the south, aiming to completely surround the ISIS-held city, Iraq's elite counter-terrorism forces said.

"Our troops are now in the process of surrounding the city from all (sides)," said Li…

“This Is the End of ISIS”: Daesh in Crisis after Coalition Launched Strike on Fallujah

For the first time since it conquered large parts of Iraq, ISIS appears to be in real trouble.

The terror organization is experiencing increasing problems defending the strategically important city of Falluja against a massive assault by the Iraqi army and Shia militias — or so-called “Popular Mobilization Units.”

The third battle for Fallujah began earlier this week when Iraqi troops, supported by airstrikes by the US-led coalition against ISIS, pounded ISIS positions in the city and succeeded to retake some neighborhoods at the outskirts of the city.

Retaining Fallujah is critically important for ISIS there are signs that its forces are beginning to crumble under the pressure of the coordinated attacks that also threaten the group in the area of its capital Raqqa in Syria.

ISIS uses suicide car bombers to derail the offensive by the combined Iraqi-Iranian forces. The latest news, however, indicates that the odd coalition of Iranian-led ground forces and US warplanes is making progress.


Mossad Officers Tense Presence in Turkish Airports

Mossad Officers Tense Presence in Turkish Airports
Balgeria’s A.B. V party deputy has revealed Mossad Director’s visit with Turkish top official and the following dramatic increase of Mossad experts in Turkey’s airports.

According to Alalalm News Network, Rumen Petkov Balgeria’s A.B.V Party deputy has based on the remarks of an informed source in Turkish intelligence agency MIT written on his twitter that the number of Mossad experts has dramatically increased in Turkish airports. He has also written that this dramatic increase of Mossad experts in Turkish airports has occurred after that Mossad chief Yossi Kohen and Turkish deputy foreign minister Feridun Sinirlioğlu met in absolute news silence in Sweden.

He added that Israeli elite officers are working hard to rebuild Turkish security and seven percent increase in MIT budget in 2016 as well as structural and work force development of MIT are among the measures that have been taken with the consultation of Mossad exports.

Petkov contin…

VIDEO & PICS: ISIS Yazidi Sex Slaves Dealer Arrested in Iraq

An ISIS terrorist filmed bartering for young girls at a sex-slave market while demanding to 'check their teeth' has been captured in Iraq. The terrorists was caught on video 18 months ago bidding for captured Yazidi girls on what was sickeningly billed as 'slave market day'. During negotiations, he says he will pay more for girls with blue eyes and offers to pay the seller $500 for a 15-year-old. But he demands to look in her mouth first, saying: 'If she doesn't have teeth, why would I want her?'
He has now been captured by Kurdish forces in Iraq, according to sources. Pictures posted online show him being paraded for the camera by military commanders with the smirk he showed callously wore in the video wiped off his face. READ MORE ISIS Sex Slave Brokered in Turkey; Yazidis Are Not Only Victims of This Trade
DOCUMENTS: Disturbing Facts about ISIS Trade Sex Slavery in Turkey + VIDEO ISIS (Islamic State , ISIS , ISIL , IS and Da…

VDO: Fierce Fighting Among ISIS & Rebels Near Turkey Border in Aleppo

So-called “Islamic State” terrorists entered Marea city which was a Syrian opposition stronghold in the country's north on Saturday.Clashes among 2 groups continue on the edges of the town as ISIS make its most significant advance near the Turkish border in two years More than 160,000 civilians are trapped in the fighting, which also forced the evacuation of one of the few remaining hospitals in the area, run by the international medical organization Doctors Without Borders. On Saturday, ISIS fighters staged two suicide bombings targeting "opposition forces" near Marea, ISIS said via its news agency, Aamaq. Following the suicide bombings, ISIS (IS, ISIL and Daesh) militants entered Marea and fighting began inside the town, according to the London Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
"The territorial gains around the rebel strongholds of Marea and Azaz, north of Aleppo city, are a blow to the Turkey and Saudi-backed rebels, who have been struggling to retain a …

As forces advance towards Raqqa, families hope for return of abducted relatives

DOHUK, Kurdistan Region— The families of those kidnapped by the Islamic State (ISIS) militants anxiously wait and hope for the safe return of their loved ones after US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched a broad offensive to retake the key ISIS bastion of Raqqa where most of the abducted Yezidis have been taken.

Many of the restless families say that their kidnapped relatives are still safe in Raqqa and hope the operation would finally bring them back to their families.

“All my three younger sisters are still alive,” says Hanifa Abbas, a Yezidi woman who managed to escape ISIS captivity in Syria last year. Her relatives, including an 11-year-old sister, were abducted in their hometown of Shingal in Iraqi Kurdistan two years ago.

Hanifa says that her sisters have contacted her over the past days to inform her of their safety and whereabouts.

Despite being in confinement, many of the abducted Yezidis manage to contact their families in the Kurdistan Region often hoping to be rele…

Pentagon: US soldiers wearing YPG patches ‘common practice’

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – At least one of the US special forces soldiers advising the Kurdish-led Syrian alliance fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) was photographed wearing the insignia of the Kurdish Protection Units (YPG), which the Pentagon says is common practice under such circumstances.

“Special operations forces, when they operate in certain areas, do what they can to, if you will, blend in with the community to enhance their own protection, their own security,” explained Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook on Thursday.

The photos, taken by an AFP photographer on the scene, showed the Americans along with the YPG fighters in a pickup truck near the village of Fatisah, some 30 miles north of Raqqa.

The US has at least 300 Special Forces advisers in Syria’s Kurdish-majority northeast where they have been advising the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – a coalition of Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen forces.

The YPG is the dominant force within the group.

The SDF is the most effective group the US …

How the World Ends Baiting Russia Is Not Good Policy

By Philip Giraldi

Last week I attended a foreign policy conference in Washington that featured a number of prominent academics and former government officials who have been highly critical of the way the Bush and Obama Administrations have interacted with the rest of the world. Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago was on a panel and was asked what, in his opinion, has been the most notable foreign policy success and the most significant failure in the past twenty-five years. The success was hard to identify and there was some suggestion that it might be the balancing of relationships in strategically vital Northeast Asia, which “we have not yet screwed up.” If I had been on the panel I would have suggested the Iran nuclear agreement as a plus.

As for the leading foreign policy failure there was an easy answer, “Iraq” which was on everyone in the room’s lips, but Mearsheimer urged one not to be so hasty. In reality the Iraq disaster has killed hundreds of thousands, ha…

600 tons of melted radioactive Fukushima fuel still not found, clean-up chief reveals

The Fukushima clean-up team remains in the dark about the exact locations of 600 tons of melted radioactive fuel from three devastated nuclear reactors, the chief of decommissioning told the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program in an exclusive interview.

The company hopes to locate and start removing the missing fuel from 2021, the Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) chief of decommissioning at Fukushima, Naohiro Masuda, revealed.

The fuel extraction technology is yet to be elaborated upon, he added.View image on Twitter RT