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Donald Trump's 'Muslim Ban' - What You aren't Being Told

The mainstream narrative on Trump's immigration ban is intentionally avoiding the core issue.

On Friday January 27th, 2017 President Trump issued an executive order suspending the Syrian refugee program and temporarily banning entries for people coming from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria.

The backlash has been fierce and public figures around the world have voiced their outrage. On one hand this is understandable, given the humanitarian implications, however one has to ask: Where was this outrage when the refugee crisis was being created? Where was the righteous indignation in 2011 when the Obama administration toppled the Libyan government, first by sending in the CIA to back rebel groups (that ended up having direct ties to Al-Qaeda) and then using airstrikes to finish the job?

Prior to this intervention Libya had one of the highest standards of living of any country in Africa (according to the UN). They even had free healthcare.Today the country is a failed sta…

ISIS smuggles migrants into EU to replete dried out revenues – Italy’s intel chief

Migrants wait to disembark from Italian Coast Guard patrol vessel Diciotti in the Sicilian harbour of Catania, Italy, January 28, 2017. © Antonio Parrinello / Reuters

Terrorist groups including the Islamic State increasingly deprived of regular sources of income are now generating a large portion of their revenue by smuggling illegal migrants into Europe, a senior Italian intelligence official has said.
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The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group, now pushed off large parts of the territory it seized in 2014 in both Syria and Iraq, has suffered a near collapse in revenue from oil smuggling. Alongside imposed taxes, ransoms, and antiquities trading, oil has been a major fundraiser for the jihadist operations.

But after being pushed back by the Russian and the US-led coalitions operating over the territory of the so-called Islamic State Caliphate, the jihadist leadership is trying to fi…

Is Trump’s Agenda Starting to Show “Shades of Brown”? The Million Dollar Question

By Peter Koenig

Where is Mr. Trump coming from and where is he going to? What is really on his agenda, what is trustworthy, and what is sheer farce and eventually killed by its own weight of controversy? – While out there, the different agenda items are spun around by the presstitute as anti-Trump and pro-establishment propaganda.

Left and right do no longer exist. The so-called liberal elitist intellectual ‘left’ has sold its soul to the neocons, they may not even realize to what extent. The benefits they cash-in have blinded them to the disaster politics being propagated by the globalist-Atlantists. They are now fully in the realm of the Neocon crony directed western mass-media. After all, the lush western comfort zone is difficult to leave – while it lasts; key sentence – ‘while it lasts’. Thereafter the deluge – which may mean eradication of life on earth as we know it.

In comes Trump, thinking he doesn’t need the establishment; a multi-billionaire who doesn’t need the approval or t…


The Syrian Democratic Forces have received 200 IAG Guardian armored personnel carriers and a batch of weapons from the US-led coalition.

Photo: Twitter / TAHSAVUNMA

Armed units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), positioning themselves as fighters against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, have for the first time received armored vehicles from the US-led anti-terrorist coalition, the Reuters news agency reported, citing spokesman for the SDF Talal Silo.

According to the news agency’s source, earlier, countries of the US-led coalition also provided military-technical assistance, but it is the first time, when SDF units, consisting of both Arabs and Kurds, are supplied with armored vehicles.

“There are signs of full support from the new American leadership – more than before – for our forces,” Silo told Reuters.

Though, Reuters did not report what kinds of armored vehicles were dispatched to the SDF, social networks’ activists said that the SDF received a batch of IAG Guardian …


Syrian troops, reinforced with new units and backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have managed to stop a large-scale offensive of terrorists of the Islamic State group in Deir ez-Zor.

Reinforcements, dispatched by air, and airstrikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces have helped Syrian troops to stop a large-scale offensive of terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group on a military airfield and a base of the 137th Brigade in Deir ez-Zor, the Izvestiya newspaper reported on Tuesday.

On Monday, it became known that over the weekend formations of the terrorist group suffered heavy losses and were forced to take on the defensive. However, the situation still remains extremely difficult, as besieged troops do not have enough forces to restore a corridor, connecting two parts of the enclave.

The reinforcements, sent to Deir ez-Zor last week, allowed the government forces to stop the IS offensive. Even suicide bombers, who tried to break through the army positions under the cover of a san…