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The No-State Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict

By Jeremy R. Hammond

It is time for the citizens of the world to effect the paradigm shift required to bring about a peaceful resolution to the world’s most infamous conflict.

Twelve years ago today, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued an advisory opinion at the request of the United Nations General Assembly on the legality of the wall Israel has constructed in the West Bank. The ICJ affirmed that all of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are “occupied Palestinian territory”, and that Israel’s wall, as well as its settlements, violate the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The ICJ’s ruling helps to underscore the prejudicial nature of the discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Western mainstream media—and particularly in the US. The media never fail to elevate Israel’s policy aims to the same level of legitimacy as international law. For example, we can frequently read in the New York Times, the Washington Post, et al, that East Jerusalem or …

Warsaw Summit: Western Leaders Ignore Reality

The Saker

So the much advertised NATO summit in Warsaw finally took place. It was a total success, at least if the criterion is that the outcome matched the expectations:
Poroshenko and Nadezhda Savchenko were invited and treated like a respected guestRussia was condemned for her “aggressions” in Georgia, Crimea and the UkraineThe Poles plastered Warsaw with posters saying “ACHTUNG RUϟϟIA”The Balts each got one NATO battalion to deter the Russian BearRussia was condemned for not abiding by the Minks2 AgreementEnough hot air was released to worsen global warming by at least 10 degrees
Frankly, I don’t feel like commenting on all this idiocy. Besides, all these pseudo-decisions never were the true purpose of this summit. This summit had a totally different objective and that objective too was fully achieved.

The real purpose of the summit was to force each western political leader to chose between reality and ideology. And they all made the correct choice, of course. They categorically…