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Mossad Officers Tense Presence in Turkish Airports

Mossad Officers Tense Presence in Turkish Airports
Balgeria’s A.B. V party deputy has revealed Mossad Director’s visit with Turkish top official and the following dramatic increase of Mossad experts in Turkey’s airports.

According to Alalalm News Network, Rumen Petkov Balgeria’s A.B.V Party deputy has based on the remarks of an informed source in Turkish intelligence agency MIT written on his twitter that the number of Mossad experts has dramatically increased in Turkish airports. He has also written that this dramatic increase of Mossad experts in Turkish airports has occurred after that Mossad chief Yossi Kohen and Turkish deputy foreign minister Feridun Sinirlioğlu met in absolute news silence in Sweden.

He added that Israeli elite officers are working hard to rebuild Turkish security and seven percent increase in MIT budget in 2016 as well as structural and work force development of MIT are among the measures that have been taken with the consultation of Mossad exports.

Petkov contin…

VIDEO & PICS: ISIS Yazidi Sex Slaves Dealer Arrested in Iraq

An ISIS terrorist filmed bartering for young girls at a sex-slave market while demanding to 'check their teeth' has been captured in Iraq. The terrorists was caught on video 18 months ago bidding for captured Yazidi girls on what was sickeningly billed as 'slave market day'. During negotiations, he says he will pay more for girls with blue eyes and offers to pay the seller $500 for a 15-year-old. But he demands to look in her mouth first, saying: 'If she doesn't have teeth, why would I want her?'
He has now been captured by Kurdish forces in Iraq, according to sources. Pictures posted online show him being paraded for the camera by military commanders with the smirk he showed callously wore in the video wiped off his face. READ MORE ISIS Sex Slave Brokered in Turkey; Yazidis Are Not Only Victims of This Trade
DOCUMENTS: Disturbing Facts about ISIS Trade Sex Slavery in Turkey + VIDEO ISIS (Islamic State , ISIS , ISIL , IS and Da…

VDO: Fierce Fighting Among ISIS & Rebels Near Turkey Border in Aleppo

So-called “Islamic State” terrorists entered Marea city which was a Syrian opposition stronghold in the country's north on Saturday.Clashes among 2 groups continue on the edges of the town as ISIS make its most significant advance near the Turkish border in two years More than 160,000 civilians are trapped in the fighting, which also forced the evacuation of one of the few remaining hospitals in the area, run by the international medical organization Doctors Without Borders. On Saturday, ISIS fighters staged two suicide bombings targeting "opposition forces" near Marea, ISIS said via its news agency, Aamaq. Following the suicide bombings, ISIS (IS, ISIL and Daesh) militants entered Marea and fighting began inside the town, according to the London Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
"The territorial gains around the rebel strongholds of Marea and Azaz, north of Aleppo city, are a blow to the Turkey and Saudi-backed rebels, who have been struggling to retain a …