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The War Against Syria: Both Sides Go to “plan B”

In view of the total failure of the US policy to regime-change Syria and overthrow Assad, the time has now come for the United States to make a fundamental choice: to negotiate or double down. Apparently, Kerry and others initially tried to negotiate, but the Pentagon decided otherwise, treacherously broke the terms of the agreement and (illegally) bombed the Syrian forces. At which point, Kerry, Power and the rest of them felt like they had no choice but to “join” the Pentagon and double down. Now the US “warns” Russia that if the Aleppo offensive continues, the US will not resume negotiations. This is a rather bizarre threat considering that the US is clearly unable to stick to any agreement and that the Russians have already concluded that the US is “not-agreement-capable”. The Russia reaction was predictable: Lavrov’s admitted that he could not even take his American colleagues seriously.

Okay, so both sides are fed-up with each other. What comes next?

The US will send more weapons …

Putin Ups the Ante: Ceasefire Sabotage Triggers Major Offensive in Aleppo

By Mike Whitney

“Syria is the summation of all the errors of a dysfunctional empire collapsing upon itself. History forgotten. Science ignored. Facts denied. Propaganda cannot hide that West is supporting and killing Islamists at the same time in a World War that risks escalating into a nuclear holocaust.” Vietnam Vet, comments-line, Sic Semper Tyrannis

The attack on Deir Ezzor was a flagrant act of betrayal. For the first time in the five year-long war, US warplanes targeted an SAA military outpost killing 62 Syrian regulars. The surprise attacks — which lasted for the better part of an hour and were followed by a coordinated ground assault by members of ISIS– were intended to torpedo the fragile ceasefire agreement and send a message to Moscow that the US was prepared to achieve its strategic objectives in Syria whether it had to launch direct attacks on defenders of the regime or not.

The attacks–for which the Pentagon eventually accepted responsibility–were followed by a callous an…

US in Syria: How to Build a Terror-State

September 29, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - A nation is its institutions, and should those institutions weaken, the nation itself will be weakened. And should those institutions be destroyed, the nation, for all intents and purposes, will also be destroyed.

A dramatic example of how to destroy a nation unfolded in 2003 in Iraq as a US led axis invaded and occupied it, intentionally targeting and destroying Iraqi institutions and essential infrastructure, including the police, military, and the government as well as bridges, electricity, and communications.

In the ruins left in the wake of the US-led invasion, through the "Coalition Provisional Authority," US and European corporations were invited in to not only rebuild these institutions and infrastructure, but to do so in a manner making them dependent on and profitable to US-European corporate-financier interests well into the foreseeable future.

The West's vast influence in Iraq today is owed to this process. While it…

U.S. Navy Weaponizing Lasers For Deployment Aboard Destroyers, Cruisers And Even Carriers

The U.S. Navy is set to make a major advance in weaponry: The addition of laser weaponry powerful enough to bring down drones and planes, as well as destroy small craft and incoming missiles.

Service officials said in an interview with Scout Warrior and cited by The National Interest that Navy officials want to arm destroyers, cruisers and other vessels with low-cost, shipboard laser weapons in the near future, once the technology has been developed and proven. Such systems could even be deployed aboard aircraft carriers as well.

The Office of Naval Research is finalizing a 12-month, $53-million deal with defense contractor Northrop Grumman to build a Laser Weapon System Demonstrator in three phases, including an initial design phase, ground-testing phase and then testing weapons at sea aboard a Navy Self Defense test vessel, according to a statement issued by Northrop.

“The company will design, produce, integrate, and support the shipboard testing of a 150-kilowatt-class solid state (el…


Pravda, the Kremlin virtual mouthpiece is entertaining one of the West’s old Cold War concerns, the purported sinking of the United States using multiple unmanned nuclear submarines which was very feasible during that era considering the 20 year technological edge of the Soviets over the adversary.

Russia is obviously telegraphing a message ahead of Putin’s UN speech that any stupid response of its actions in Syria would only be met with direct attack on the US, and it is up to the Americans to make sure their government won’t do anything foolish.

Would have been better if we just kick all these war mongering politicians out and redirect all military budget for the betterment of the whole planet.
Russian unmanned nuclear submarines to encircle USA


During the 1950s, academician Andrei Sakharov offered Nikita Khrushchev to deploy tens of super powerful nuclear warheads along US maritime borders. According to Sakharov, the USSR would have been able to keep an eye on the ball withou…


As the covert hybrid WW3 continues, Russian offensives can be felt both in the diplomatic fronts as well as in the battlefields of Syria.

Just as the Syrian ceasefire collapsed five days ago, Russia moved its primary aircraft carrier to augment the naval forces already in the area. Identified targets in Western Aleppo were then fired upon with Kaliber missiles resulting in the deaths of 30 Mossad/CIA/Qatari intelligence officers managing and supporting the Daesh Aleppo aid convoy attacks which caused the collapse of the ceasefire.
30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia’s Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo

Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:12

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian warships stationed in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers.

“The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in the Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Ale…

US-Turkey Lurch to World War in Syria

By Finian Cunningham

Following US President Barack Obama’s dubious stellar performance this week at the UN General Assembly recounting a litany of lies for almost one hour before the eyes of the world, it was the turn of Turkey’s leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan to insult humanity’s intelligence.

Like his American ally, who inverted reality by claiming that US war crimes against numerous nations were a virtuous legacy, Erdogan performed a similar spellbinding conjuring trick. In his address to the UN, the Turkish president said his military has rendered peace to the Middle East region by invading Syria last month.

Can you imagine Adolf Hitler declaring to the then League of Nations that Germany had just invaded Poland to restore peace to Europe? It is astounding, when you think about it, how the august international forum in New York City indulged Erdogan and Obama with such polite attention, when they are both responsible for the supreme war crime of aggression against the sovereign state of…


According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, almost half of the weapons, which the US has delivered to the defense forces of Syrian Kurds, fell into the hands of members of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that almost half of the weapons, delivered by the US to the defense forces of Syrian Kurds, fell into the hands of terrorists.

“Three days ago, three aircraft with US armaments for Syrian Kurds’ forces landed in the Syrian city of Kobani. Half of these weapons fell into the hands of terrorists of the Islamic State [IS] group. We warned Barack Obama about this, but could not convince him. Now, unfortunately, they play the same games. This will not lead to concrete results, but will just continue the bloodshed in Syria,” the Anadolu news agency quoted the words of the Turkish President.

In addition, the president urged to hand power in Syria over to Syrian people, and called Bashar al-Assad the cause of the death of 600,000 c…


The US-Russian agreement on Syria – how could it shape the ongoing conflict?

Originally appeared at VPK, translated by Vox Veritatis exclusively for SouthFront; Edited by Desi Tzoneva

The signing of the US-Russian agreement on the settlement of the situation in Syria has ended the period during which Washington could not come to terms with the failure of the ‘Arab Spring’ and the defeat of its allies there: Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The key role in changing the geopolitical situation in the region was played by the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS). Without its destruction of the terrorists in Syria and attacks on their oil production and transport infrastructure, the activation of the anti-terrorist coalition, led by the United States, is extremely dubious. Jealousy of the US over Russia’s success turned out to be a more effective stimulus for war on terrorism than the regional competition with Iran.

Nevertheless, the position on the front is ambiguous. Turkey’s actions on the Syrian …

The US Road Map To Balkanize Syria

By Pepe Escobar

Forget about those endless meetings between Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry; forget about Russia’s drive to prevent chaos from reigning in Syria; forget about the possibility of a real ceasefire being implemented and respected by US jihad proxies.
Jonathan Cook is a Nazareth- based journalist and winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism - See more at:

Forget about the Pentagon investigating what really happened around its bombing 'mistake' in Deir Ezzor.

The definitive proof of the Empire of Chaos’s real agenda in Syria may be found in a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document declassified in May last year.

As you scroll down the document, you will find page 291, section C, which reads (in caps, originally):


Syrian children soldiers paid $100 monthly salary to fight Syrian Army

Different jihadi groups fighting the Syrian government have been increasingly recruiting children soldiers as the conflict sweeps the war-torn country for the sixth year.

Since the Al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, Jabhet al-Nusra, established itself in Syria in January 2012, child recruitment has become more widely practiced, and even got wider and more organized with the emergence of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in 2013.

The two ultraconservative groups created training camps for children where they are brainwashed and instilled with Takfiri ideology to become jihadi fighters and suicide bombers.

The process significantly increased with the Nusra-led Jaish al-Fateh taking over the northwestern province of Idlib in May 2015.

Analysts identify the notorious Saudi cleric Abdullah al-Muhesini as the godfather of recruiting children soldiers in rebel-held territories, especially Idlib.

In 2013, al-Muhesini launched his wide-scale recruiting campaign in Idlib (which later expanded to the …