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Watch inside ISIS Tunnels as Iraqi Army Finds Secret Underground Military Base

Watch Inside ISIS Terror Tunnels as Iraqi Army Stunned to Find Secret Underground Military Base

The extensive network was unveiled after the terrorists fled the outskirts of Fallujah. The militants use them to reach the front line to fight and then slink away to safety.

A warren of terror tunnels excavated by ISIS terror thugs has been discovered by Iraqi forces.

The extensive network was unveiled after the terrorists fled the outskirts of Fallujah.

One of the longest tunnels surrounded a brick factory, Hashid Shaabi fighters said.

ISIS used the tunnels to approach, appear and escape from the front-line to reduce their casualties.

The tunnels run under streets and between houses, where the terror thugs take cover to fight their advancing enemy.

Iraqi troops have pushed towards Fallujah from the south, aiming to completely surround the ISIS-held city, Iraq's elite counter-terrorism forces said.

"Our troops are now in the process of surrounding the city from all (sides)," said Li…

“This Is the End of ISIS”: Daesh in Crisis after Coalition Launched Strike on Fallujah

For the first time since it conquered large parts of Iraq, ISIS appears to be in real trouble.

The terror organization is experiencing increasing problems defending the strategically important city of Falluja against a massive assault by the Iraqi army and Shia militias — or so-called “Popular Mobilization Units.”

The third battle for Fallujah began earlier this week when Iraqi troops, supported by airstrikes by the US-led coalition against ISIS, pounded ISIS positions in the city and succeeded to retake some neighborhoods at the outskirts of the city.

Retaining Fallujah is critically important for ISIS there are signs that its forces are beginning to crumble under the pressure of the coordinated attacks that also threaten the group in the area of its capital Raqqa in Syria.

ISIS uses suicide car bombers to derail the offensive by the combined Iraqi-Iranian forces. The latest news, however, indicates that the odd coalition of Iranian-led ground forces and US warplanes is making progress.