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Saudis ‘stand no chance, won’t dare’ to deploy troops in Syria – Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Iran has warned Saudi Arabia that their troops will be wiped out in Syria if they “dare” to invade the country, after Riyadh expressed eagerness to deploy their army to the war-zone earlier this week if the US-led coalition decides that such an operation is necessary.

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard expressed doubt about the Saudi ability’s to tilt the balance in terms of the Syrian army's advances on all fronts in its internal conflict, claiming that the Saudis are not “brave enough,” to follow through with their aggressive rhetoric.

“They claim they will send troops [to Syria] but I don’t think they will dare do so. They have a classic army and history tells us such armies stand no chance in fighting irregular resistance forces,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari told reporters in Tehran, according to FARS news.

Saudi defeat in Syria definite: Iran's IRGC chief— Press TV (@PressTV) February 6, 2016

If Saudi troops are sent,…

N. Korea triggers fresh fury with space rocket launch

SEOUL: North Korea said Sunday it had successfully put a satellite into orbit, with a rocket launch widely condemned as a disguised ballistic missile test for a weapons delivery system to strike the U.S. mainland.

The launch, which violated multiple U.N. resolutions, amounted to the North doubling down against an international community already struggling to punish Pyongyang for its nuclear test a month ago.

There was no immediate external confirmation that the final stage of the satellite-bearing rocket had successfully achieved orbit, although a U.S. defense official said the launch vehicle "appears to have reached space."

In a special state TV broadcast, a female North Korean announcer, wearing a traditional Korean hanbok dress, hailed the "epochal" launch, personally ordered by leader Kim Jong-Un.

While stressing that it represented the legitimate exercise of North Korea's right to the "peaceful and independent" use of space, she also noted that it ma…