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CIA Leak: "Russian Election Hackers" May Work In Langley

By Moon Of Alabama

 Attribution of cyber-intrusions and attacks is nearly impossible. A well executed attack can not be traced back to its culprit. If there are some trails that seem attributable one should be very cautions following them. They are likely faked.

Hundreds if not thousands of reports show that this lesson has not been learned. Any attack is attributed to one of a handful of declared "enemies" without any evidence that would prove their actual involvement. Examples:
Russian Hackers Blackmail US Liberal Groups After Stealing Emails And Documents, Report Says
US officially accuses Russia of hacking DNC and interfering with election
Iran hacked an American casino, U.S. says
Iran suspected for the attack on the Saudi Aramco
North Korea 'hacks South's military cyber command'
Official: North Korea behind Sony hack

In June 2016 we warned The Next "Russian Government Cyber Attack" May Be A Gulf of Tonkin Fake:
All one might see in a [cyber-]breach, if any…

Poison, spies and lies: a lunch with Trump’s old friend Roger Stone

This political provocateur has three rules: ‘Admit nothing; deny everything; launch counterattack’
Paul Wood

Paul Wood

Washington DC

Roger Stone — political consultant, agent provocateur, friend and confidant of Donald Trump — arrives for lunch with a bodyguard in tow. ‘I’ve had way too many death threats,’ he explains. He says he’s recovering from poisoning by polonium, a radioactive substance used to kill the Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko in London. Litvinenko, he says, had ‘a much larger dose, probably done by British intelligence’. But the British government named the Russian agents responsible, I reply. ‘What was the proof?’ he asks. ‘It’s all mirrors. You know that.’

Stone blames his ‘poisoning’ on ‘the deep state’, a term that in Trumpworld means the intelligence community. Trump has taken to Twitter to accuse the deep state of tapping his phone on President Obama’s orders. ‘This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!’ Stone has called for Obama to be ‘charged, convicted an…


A Taliban delegation has visited China at an invitation of the country’s government.


Recently, a delegation of the Taliban visited China at an invitation of the country’s government, Pakistani media reported, citing unnamed sources from the pro-Taliban and diplomatic circles.

According to the reports, the delegation consisted of 5 people and was headed by Sher Abbas Stanikzai, the head of the Qatari representation of the rebel movement.

One of the source of the Express Tribune newspaper noted that the Taliban viewed the visit to China as a part of a program to develop relations with other countries, both European and regional. However, the main issue on the event’s agenda was a task of restoring peace in Afghanistan and a prospect of settling the conflict through negotiations.

Pakistani media mentioned that by now, it is not the first visit of Taliban representatives to China. A similar event took place at the beginning of the year, after trilateral consultations …


A top sergeant of the Turkish Navy attempted to break diesel generators of his own submarine, being on duty.

Photo: Wikipedia / Ahmed XIV

A fact of sabotage on a submarine of the Turkish Navy is currently under investigation, the Turkish Hürriyet newspaper reported.

According to information, obtained by Turkish journalists, the fact of intentional attempts to pull the submarine out of action was revealed on one of the Gür diesel-electric submarines of the German 209/1400 project.

A top sergeant, who was on duty, tried to force diesel generators of his submarine out of action. For this, he several times descended into a diesel compartment of the vessel and threw metal pieces, shell of nuts and other foreign objects into the generators.

The fact of sabotage was revealed, and the top sergeant-saboteur was arrested on charges of “an attempt to destroy the sea transport vessel, belonging to the state’s armed forces.”

The newspaper also reported that the submarine itself was not damaged and conti…


EU countries are considering three main variants of answering possible changes in the US trade policy.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Aleksey Vitvitskiy

Active discussions on how to react to plans of US President Donald Trump to introduce a 20 percent duty on imported goods in the US are held in EU countries, the German Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported.

The Europeans consider three variants for answering possible changes in the US trade policy, Cerstin Gammelin, an author of the article, noted.

First of all, EU states themselves could subsidize their enterprises in order to save the companies from additional costs for new duties. In addition, companies would manage to remain competitive. However, this variant would hit the budget of European countries.

Secondly, the Europeans can make a complaint against the US to the World Trade Organization (WTO). But in this case, they should remember about the fact that the process of resolving a dispute within the framework of this organization can take s…