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Crime and Corruption Top Problems in Emerging and Developing Countries

Most National Institutions Respected, Especially Military Crime and corruption, common scourges of modern societies, top the list of problems cited by publics in emerging and developing nations. A median of 83% of people across 34 emerging and developing economies say crime is a very big problem in their country, and 76% say the same about corrupt political leaders. Many also worry about issues such as health care, poor quality schools, water and air pollution, and food safety. Generally, electricity shortages and traffic are seen as less pressing issues. People in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East all see crime and corruption as the greatest problems in their countries, according to the Pew Research Center survey. Moreover, crime and corruption as well as poor quality schools are considered growingproblems in these emerging and developing countries. Taking the median across the 20 countries surveyed in 2007/2008 and 2014, the number of people citing these three issues a…

1,200 militants killed in Pakistan army operations in tribal region

The Pakistani army’s operations against militant hideouts in a northwestern tribal region near the border with Afghanistan have so far killed more than 1,200 militants, a senior Pakistani army officer says.

Major General Zafarullah Khan, the officer in charge of North Waziristan, said on Sunday that nearly 1,200 militants have been killed since the military campaign started in the region.

He further noted that 230 terrorists have been also arrested.

Khan added that considerable amounts of weapons, munitions and many vehicles have been also confiscated in the region.

The military official said pro-Taliban militants generally rely on bombs and ambushes to engage Pakistani government forces and to hamper their progress rather than battling them openly.

“They have planted [bombs] in houses, they have planted [bombs] in the streets, they’ve planted [bombs] even in the trees,” he said.

Pakistani military units have been conducting military operations to eliminate terrorists in Pakistan’s North Wa…