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infographic – Syrian crisis

Which NATO Weapons Could Strike Syria?

The United States and its allies are considering an attack against Syria's government. Such an attack is limited only by the people, aircraft, ships, and vehicles available in the area, so when the U.S. Navy moves more ships into the eastern Mediterranean, it starts to look a little like war. This infographic, by Farwa Rizwan at Al Arabiya English, looks at the military maneuvers already underway. France and the U.S., with Turkish and UK airbases serving as a staging point, are the nations most likely to act against Syria's government. Until yesterday, when this map was published, the United Kingdom looked ready to intervene, but then its Parliament voted against intervention. I've left every reference to British military assets on the map intact here, but it's unlikely now that the UK will play a direct role. All these countries are allies as part of NATO. Here is what they could bring to an intervention: Runways and Airplanes It's hard to conduct a bombing campa…

Infographic: Australian election 2013

Infographic: Turmoil over Bangladesh tribunal