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Saudi Arabians declare jihad on Russian forces as global proxy war in Syria intensifies

The government forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as well as Russian forces now backing him, have a new enemy: Saudi Arabia’s clerics.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, in recent days the clerics declared jihad against Russian and Syrian forces following a plea to all Sunni Muslims to join in the fight against Assad.

In all, more than 50 clerics and academics signed a joint statement that calls on Sunnis – Saudi Arabia’s dominant sect – to “hurry” into war-torn Syria to assist those seeking to topple Assad’s government.

The Daily Mail reported that the call to Sunnis came just before a pair of rockets were launched at the Russian embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus, an Assad stronghold, which alarmed many who had gathered in support of Moscow’s intervention.

The paper reported further:

Hundreds of Syrians had reportedly met … to back Russia’s air war in Syria before the shells were fired towards the building in the Mazraa neighbourhood.

One witness said both rockets appear…


Please scroll down for video Muslim migrants set fire to the Brezice refugee camp and proceed to take selfies. Check it out — he’s making the victory sign… The migrants demand that they be allowed to continue their journey on to Austria and beyond. This camp is in Slovenia, where now there are more Muslim migrants than actual Slovenians. What illness has overtaken Merkel, Cameron, et al and most of all the media? Look at the headlines — no mention of who set the camp ablaze, but if it had been a European, hellzapoppin (via 

“Fire breaks out at Slovenia refugee camp housing thousands” RT‎ “Fire Destroys Part Of Refugee Camp Hosting Thousands Of People,” Huffington Post‎ “Fire tears through Slovenian camp housing thousands of migrants,” 
Daily Mail‎ V ŽIVO: Migranti zažgali brežiški center, nato delali selfije V sprejemnem centru v Brežicah je zagorelo, nastal je kaos – Migranti so zakurili ognje in za gorivo porabili tudi šotore, gasilci so imeli precej težav, preden…