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Click to see the full-size image On Saturday, June 30, in the British City Amesbury (12 km from Salisbury) there was an incident which initially seemed to be common and insignificant: with a difference of several hours, Salibury District Hospital admitted a man and a woman: 45-year-old Charlie Rowley and 44 year old Dawn Sturges.  Initial conclusions of doctors indicated that the couple was poisoned by a narcotic substance (heroine or crack cocaine). However, on July 4, Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations Neil Basu announced that Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturges were exposed to the poison agent of the class “Novichok” (the nerve agent Novichok). According to him, this is evidenced by tests, conducted in the laboratory of Porton Down, located nearby. The statement of Neil Basu provoked a series of publications in British and world media, which somehow linked the incident in Amesbury with the case of Skripals and mentioned the possible involvement of Russia. On July 5 Britis…