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Sweden Ends Submarine Search, Closing Book on Intrigue-Tinged Episode

“The Hunt for Reds in October” — as the search for a mysterious submarine in Swedish waters has been termed — is over, at least for now.

The Swedish authorities said Friday that a military team that had included minesweepers, helicopters and ships had been called off after a weeklong search for a vessel that never materialized.

“The hunt is over, and now the time has come to analyze what happened,” said Ingela Nilsson, a spokeswoman for the Swedish Defense Ministry. “Everyone in Sweden has been talking about the hunt, and people were proud to see our military can conduct a large operation like this.”

At a time of rising East-West tensions, fanned by Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis, the search was the biggest mobilization of its kind in Sweden since the end of the Cold War. Some ground forces will remain on alert, Ms. Nilsson said.

Signs of a possible vessel in the Stockholm archipelago were first detected on Oct. 17, and Swedish officials said they suspected that a foreign subm…

U.S. Commander Sees Key Nuclear Step by North Korea

WASHINGTON — The top American military commander in South Korea said on Friday that he believed North Korea had most likely completed its yearslong quest to shrink a nuclear weapon to a size that could fit atop a ballistic missile. His assessment, if correct, could change American calculations about the vulnerability of the United States and its allies, and the North’s ability to sell nuclear weapons to others.

At a Pentagon news conference, Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti cautioned that the North had not yet tested a miniaturized weapon, and for a weapon “that complex, without it being tested, the probability of it being effective is pretty darn low.” But he made clear that based on all he had learned, “they have the capability to have miniaturized the device at this point.”

That has long been a disputed question. For years, American intelligence agencies have been scouring the evidence — from satellite photographs, human spies, intercepted calls and computer transmissi…

‘Global media control allows US to sell black for white’: Putin’s key Valdai quotes

24 October 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at the wrap-up session of the 11th Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi (RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev)

Vladimir Putin criticized the West for "sawing at branches" with sanctions against Russia and releasing a "genie in a bottle" with color revolutions. RT looks at the Russian President's five best quotes from his speech in Sochi.

Vladimir Putin also lashed out at the United States for destabilizing the world order of checks and balances for its own gains. The Russian President understands that there is a need to change the systems in place within international relations, but according to him:
"The US has been destabilizing the world order of checks and balances for its own gains."

He added that the US, as perceived winners of the Cold War, is trying to create the world “for their own gains," which has weakened global and regional security. Any country that does not agree with Washingto…


Vladimir Putin does a rare livestream event with Russia Today and unloads upon the ‘New World Order’. With the leader of a major power unleashing upon what was once called a ‘conspiracy theory’, will Americans sit up and take notice or continue in their slumber? Fortunately, there are many who are paying attention and Putin promises to speak bluntly and to speak truthfully here within: We need some harsh and blunt conversation, we are told, as the world is rapidly changing, everyone can see it, and it’s becoming much more dangerous for us all Putin warns.

Will this world that is evolving around us be a world of NEW rules, or NO rules? As long as individual liberty lives on forever, and governments across the world CORRECTLY return to their ONLY TRUE role as humanity’s subservient servants, this ‘new world’ will be a world we can ALL live peacefully within.