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Daesh close to controlling city containing largest oil refinery in Iraq

Daesh is close to taking control of the largest oil refinery in Iraq after clashes with the army in Baiji on Sunday, Anadolu has reported. The city is in the north of Salahuddin Province. "Daesh has tightened its grip on the Abu-Jra'a area which links the city and the refinery," Captain Ghazwan Al-Jubouri told the Turkish news agency.

According to Al-Jubouri, the militants wounded at least four civilians in an attack on the village of Albu Tohme. "They are now attacking Aharijah neighbourhood, in the centre of the area, and fighting continues in other districts," he added.

The Iraqi army said that the security forces have stopped an attack by Daesh militants with a number of bombed cars in Baiji. "But battles continue in the region." The army's statement did not give further details.

The Popular Mobilisation Forces are holding the Joint Operations Room responsible for allowing the militants to advance towards Baiji, claiming that the Iraqi air force …