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This series of military information security posters is making the rounds in the Russian segment of the Internet, urging servicemen to be careful with current technology and social media. The posters have nothing with the Russian Defense Ministry. The series is a fan art made by Eugeny Miroshnichenko. However, it is rather interesting. “Guys, what the heck are you doin’? You want to blow our positions?” “Oh man, make sure the new APC is in the shot, I want my friends to check it out later” Making selfies, photos, and posting them on the Internet Makes it easier for the enemy to catch you in his net Posting photos, videos and other information about yourself and your service is forbidden Click to see the full-size image Using geolocation Lets out vital information! Using devices with geolocation is forbidden during service and off duty Click to see the full-size image Do not put your trust in cellphone security The enemy can hear you with surety Discussing official business and highly se…


Written by J.Hawk exclusively for SouthFront Introduction The recent revelations that the US government, specifically the US Air Force, sought ribonucleic acid (RNA) and synovial fluid samples specifically from Russians of Caucasian descent, ostensibly for the purpose of supporting ongoing USAF research on human musculoskeletal systems, naturally gave rise to a great deal of concern that the actual aims of this procurement were considerably more sinister. That what we really saw was a glimpse of an ongoing covert research into offensive biological warfare agents consistent with the stated doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance and conducted under the cover of counter-terrorism bio-warfare research. US Biological Warfare Infrastructure Most official biowarfare activities are centered at Fort Detrick, which was the home of the offensive US biological warfare program between 1943 and its shuttering in 1969 by the Nixon Administration. The termination of offensive programs at Ft. Detrick did n…