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The Sky's No Limit: Russia to Restore Early Warning Radar Station in Crimea

Russia will modernize an early warning radar station located near Sevastopol in Crimea to detect possible missile launches from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, according to the newspaper Izvestia.

When restored, the station will be capable of tracking down hypersonic, cruise and ballistic missiles launched from ships in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea at ranges of up to 3,000 kilometers.

The source said that the Dnepr station's equipment will operate in the super-high frequency band, which is expected to increase the effectiveness of the Russian radar station in the city of Armavir, which operates in the ultra-high frequency band.

Izvestia quoted military expert Vadim Kozyulin as saying that the Dnepr radar station will help provide Russia with all-round defense against sophisticated missile attacks.

" For example, it takes a US Tomahawk cruise missile about two hours to reach Moscow, and duly detecting such a missile will be precisely the task of the new Russian rad…

Russia Saving World From Total War

By Finian Cunningham

The deployment this week of a US missile system in Eastern Europe is another step towards all-out global war. Despite Western propaganda demonizing Russia, the truth is that it is Russian military might that is actually holding the line to prevent such a cataclysm.

The United States and its NATO allies are already at war with Russia. This is not hyperbole. It is fact. The US and its allies are amassing weapons and troops on Russia’s borders, and engaging in simulated attacks from various directions.

Orwellian language of “war games” in Western media serves to diminish the disturbing fact that NATO forces are preparing offensive strikes on Russia.

War machinery on both sides are locked on. The encounter last month of the US warship with Russian fighter jets in the Baltic Sea is but one of many such close encounters occurring almost every week. Granted, weapons have not actually been fired yet. Nevertheless, the weapon machinery is engaged.

Again, Western media ser…