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Egyptian security forces clash with anti-Mohamed Morsi protesters

President seen leaving Cairo palace in convoy as opponents gather to condemn assumption of new powers Abdel-Rahman Hussein in Cairo The Guardian, Wednesday 5 December 2012 A Egyptian woman prays in front of members of the security forces as they lay out barbed wire along streets leading to the presidential palace. Photograph: AFP/Getty Egyptian security forces have clashed with opponents of Mohamed Morsi who gathered outside the presidential palace in Cairo to protest against his assumption of new powers. The march came amid rising anger over decrees Morsi has passed that give him sweeping powers. Opponents say the drafting of a new constitution has been rushed and is a move towards dictatorial rule. Morsi has called for a referendum on the draft constitution on 15 December. Marchers chanted that "the people want the downfall of the regime", and held placards bearing slogans of "no to the constitution". One witness said he had seen Morsi's convoy leave the palace fr…