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Geopolitical Ramifications of US-Saudi Armed Interventionism in Yemen

By Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu

The Houthi rebellion in Yemen that was already in existence more than five years ago had recently turned into a full-blown conflict that escalated into an international crisis in the first week of April of 2015 when Houthi rebels in Yemen deposed President Abed Rabou Mansur Hadi, throwing him out of the helm of Yemeni government. Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia while the Houthis effectively captured the capital Sana’a. Thereafter, Saudi Arabia, has initiated massive aerial bombings against the de facto Houthi government in Sana’a and in various strategic areas of Yemen that are now being occupied by the Houthi militia.
Saudi Arabia, together with its allies in the Arabian Peninsula has justified its invasion into another sovereign territory by claiming that they want the Houthis to return the reins of power back to the erstwhile government of President Hadi. However, it is really interesting to notice that the unilateral Saudi interventionism in the interna…

‘UN arms embargo on Houthis not peace prescription, US should leave the region’

The United Nations Security Council votes in an attempt to halt the escalating conflict in Yemen in New York April 14, 2015. (Reuters/Lucas Jackson) The UN arms embargo on Houthis in Yemen is designed not to stop war but to assign blame to those targeted by Saudi bombing, Brian Becker, from the Answer Coalition told RT. To achieve peace foreign powers should stop attacking Yemen, he added.
The UN Security Council has imposed an arms embargo on the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Russia was the only abstention out of the Security Council members.

RT: How will this decision by the UN Security Council affect the conflict?

Brian Becker: The United Nations Security Council resolution on Yemen, the so-called arms embargo resolution is not a prescription for peace. It is not designed to stop the war. It is designed to assign blame to those who are the targets of the Saudi and other royal families of the Gulf region bombing. You see that the US and its allies in particular Saudi Arabia and other Gulf m…

Series of ‘bizarre suicides’ & murders: Former Ukrainian MP shot dead in Kiev

Oleg Kalashnikov (image by

​A former Ukrainian MP and active anti-Maidan activist, Oleg Kalashnikov, has been killed in his flat in Kiev. His killing is the latest in a series of odd deaths plaguing former government officials and ex-President Yanukovich’s party members.

The 52-year-old was found dead at his residence in Kiev on Wednesday evening. His death was “caused by a gunshot,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement announcing a police inquiry. Ukraine’s criminal investigation chief Vasily Paskal, took the investigation under personal control and promised to share motives and the preliminary results of the probe with reporters as soon as they become available.

The investigation is focused on five possible motives for the crime, according to Interior Minister’s senior adviser, Anton Gerashchenko.

So far the investigation considers the primary possible motive behind the killing to be Kalashnikov’s “political activity”linked with his “participation in the organi…