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Three Who Made A War

By Paul Craig Roberts

The Spanish-American War was caused by three people: Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge, and William Randolph Hearst. The war, which killed a number of Spaniards and Americans, including some prominent Harvard “Swells,” was based entirely on lies and machinations of these three men and served no purpose other than their personal needs. Princeton University historian Evan Thomas calls these three monsters The War Lovers.

Hearst needed a war to build his newspaper circulation. Roosevelt needed a war to sate his blood-lust and desire for military glory. Lodge needed a war to reinvigorate American manhood and to enlist American manhood in his “Large Policy” of American Empire. Between them, thanks to the ignorance and stupidity of the American people, they pulled it off.

Their adversary was Speaker of the House, Thomas Brackett Reed, “the Czar,” the most powerful politician in Washington. Reed, an honest and incorruptible politician, saw Lodge’s policy of “American exc…

Leaked Phone Call - Time To Grab Guns And Kill Damn Russians: Former Ukrainian PM

Ukrainians must take up arms against Russians so that not even scorched earth will be left where Russia stands; an example of former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko's vitriol in phone call leaked online. She confirmed the authenticity of the conversation on Twitter, while pointing out that a section where she is heard to call for the nuclear slaughter of the eight million Russians who remain on Ukrainian territory was edited.

She tweeted “The conversation took place, but the '8 million Russians in Ukraine' piece is an edit. In fact, I said Russians in Ukraine – are Ukrainians. Hello FSB :) Sorry for the obscene language.”

The former Ukrainian PM has not clarified who exactly she wants to nuke.

Розмова була, але про 8 млн росіян в Україні - монтаж. Насправді сказала: росіяни в Україні - це українці.Привіт ФСБ:) Вибачте за нецензурне

— Юлія Тимошенко (@YuliaTymoshenko) March 24, 2014

The phone conversation with Nestor Shufrych, former deputy secretary of the National Security an…

Tunisia After the Arab Spring

International focus on North Africa intensified after the Arab Spring. The sweeping unrest that unfolded in 2011 affected much of the Middle East, albeit to varying degrees, but its epicenter was Tunisia. North Africa experienced the greatest unrest in the months and years following the ouster of sitting governments in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. The Arab Spring began with Mohamed Bouazizi's self-immolation in Tunisia in December 2010 to protest what has since been described as humiliating economic and political conditions. Following Bouazizi's death on Jan. 4, 2011, Tunisians began a massive, peaceful protest and public campaign to oust longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali from office.

Militant activity and public unrest will remain the biggest challenges to Tunisia's upcoming permanent government, with national elections expected before 2015. Both issues will be aggravated by the ongoing economic downturn as Tunis struggles to reassure foreign (mainly Western) tourist…