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30 Cities On The Brink Of Chaos: 'Don't Be Here When The Shit Hits The Fan!

As time passes in the 21st century, things seemingly look to become worse throughout time, Time no longer plays the role of fine wine and becomes better over time, rather it seems to be worsening and rotting out.

This consistent time of rotting, poor decision-making, and poor leadership leads to countries and cities becoming more aggressive, therefore becoming more unsafe.

Several cities have been labeled as a "ticking time-bomb" in regard to when times reach a certain point. There is fear in these specific cities that things will become extremely violent and very unsafe. Part of the reasoning for this increase in violence also ranges from hatred and the economic conditions of the world. Specifically in the United States these issues are worsening and it is quickly occurring.

As Wired reported, disaster is looming on a worldwide basis, but some are approaching total collapse, thanks to a storm of factors: Using data on 2,100 cities, Robert Muggah has found which factors make an…

ISIS attack on Palmyra directly linked to US waiver on rebel arms supplies – Assad to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

President Obama’s announcement of a waiver for arming unspecified rebel groups in Syria came shortly before the terrorist group Islamic State launched a massive attack on Palmyra. Syrian President Bashar Assad believes it was no coincidence, he told RT.

"The announcement of the lifting of that embargo is related directly to the attack on Palmyra and to the support of other terrorists outside Aleppo, because when they are defeated in Aleppo, the United States and the West, they need to support their proxies somewhere else," he said.

"The crux of that announcement is to create more chaos, because the United States creates chaos in order to manage this chaos," Assad added.

He added that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) forces “came with different and huge manpower and firepower that ISIS never had before during this attack, and they attacked on a huge front, tens of kilometers that could be a front of armies. ISIS could only have done that with the support of state…


A large-scale radioelectronic warfare campaign against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has been started by the US in the Middle East.
RC-135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft moves into position behind a KC-135T/R Stratotanker for an aerial refueling at a speed greater than 250 knots over Southwest Asia (Photo: US Air Force / Master Sgt. Lance Cheung)

US military has started a large-scale campaign against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, inundating the Middle East with reconnaissance airplanes, the Izvestiya newspaper reported.

For the first time in five years, the RC-135 Rivet Joint ELINT reconnaissance aircraft, which carry out their sorties from the Al Udeid air base in Qatar, have been spotted in the area of the Persian Gulf. The EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare aircraft of the US Marine Corps, which take off from the Incirlik air base in Turkey, operate in conjunction with the RC-135. According to the newspaper, the EA-18G Growler two-seat electronic warfare aircraf…


As the report of an independent UK investigative group reveals, the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group use an efficient supply chain to produce rockets, shells and mortars in Mosul.

Mortar rounds left behind by retreating Islamic State (IS) militants, are seen displayed outside a base of the Iraqi army’s 9th armoured division near the village of Ali Rash, on the outskirts of Mosul, on November 19, 2016 (Photo: AFP / Achilleas Zavallis)

According to Conflict Armament Research (CAR), an independent UK investigative group, factories of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Mosul use an efficient supply chain, quality control and standardization to produce thousands of rockets, shells and mortars. View image on Twitter CAR