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Syria: White Helmets Caught in Mannequin Challenge-Mess Up

The US-European funded "Syrian Civil Defence" also known as the "White Helmets," have been incrementally exposed as perhaps one of the most extensive and elaborate deceptions in modern war propaganda. Posing as both "rescuers" of civilians trapped in alleged Syrian and Russian airstrikes, and "monitors" reporting alleged "atrocities" carried out against armed militants fighting the Syrian government, evidence has mounted that they are in fact accomplices with militant groups including listed terrorist organizations, as well as propagandists.

In early October of this year, protesters in Europe easily recreated virtually every "rescue" scene portrayed by "White Helmets" simply by applying flour and red paint to their faces and lying in the streets of European cities. As part of the "Save Aleppo" campaign, the protesters likely sought to bring the "reality" of the "White Helmets'" work …


On November 15, the Russian military delivered missile strikes on terrorist targest in Syria, using Kalibr and Onyx cruise missiles. Onyx cruise missiles were launched by the Bastion-P mobile coastal defense missile system. This was the first time when the Russian system was used in combat condictions.

The Bastion-P is designed to engage surface ships including carrier battle groups, convoys, and landing craft. It also cand be used against ground targets. Click to see the full-size image