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Pakistan’s Ticking Nuclear Time Bomb

Exclusive: Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal remains a top global security threat, as Islamic jihadists penetrate many of the nation’s political, educational and military institutions, says Jonathan Marshall.

By Jonathan Marshall

Dozens of world leaders are arriving in Washington, D. C. for the fourth Nuclear Security Summit, a biennial event dedicated to minimizing the threat of loose nuclear material falling into the hands of terrorists or rogue nations.

The summit couldn’t be more timely in view of recent revelations that militants linked to the Islamic State recruited two employees at a Belgian nuclear plant where an insider in 2014 drained thousands of gallons of lubricating oil, severely damaging its turbines.

A nuclear test detonation carried out in Nevada on April 18, 1953.

The summit also comes just days after North Korea released a video threatening a nuclear first strike against Washington — an unrealistic but unsettling boast from one of the world’s most repressive and impenetrable re…

ISIS might be capable of creating ‘dirty bomb’

Although Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) lacks the ability to create a nuclear weapon, it is set to seize ready-made nuclear material, and is capable of making a ‘dirty bomb’, Jack Rice, former CIA officer and international lawyer has told RT.

The threat of nuclear terrorism topped the agenda of the Washington Nuclear Security Summit.

In the wake of last week's bombings in Brussels, the alarm has been raised over Islamic State terrorists planning an attack on a nuclear facility. There are also concerns IS could attempt to steal nuclear materials to create a so-called 'dirty bomb'.

However, there are reports that terrorists have already seized almost 40 kilos of uranium compounds from the University of Mosul - one of the biggest scientific hubs in Iraq, which fell into IS hands two years ago.

In 2014, Iraq's ambassador to the UN warned the organization about the incident.

RT: The warning from Iraq came back in 2014, yet it seems to have been ignored for so long. Why …