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The US Seems Keener To Strike At Assad Than It Does To Destroy Isis

It is instructive that the West now expresses more outrage at the use of gas – it blames the Assad regime for this, of course – than at the continued cruelty of Isis

By Robert Fisk

The extraordinary destruction of a Syrian fighter jet by a US aircraft on Sunday has precious little to do with the Syrian plane’s target in the desert near Rasafa – but much to do with the advance of the Syrian army close to the American-backed Kurdish forces along the Euphrates. The Syrians have grown increasingly suspicious in recent months that most Kurdish forces in the north of Syria – many of them in alliance with the Assad government until recently – have thrown in their lot with the Americans.
Indeed, the military in Damascus is making no secret of the fact that it has ended its regular arms and ammunition supplies to the Kurds – it has apparently given them 14,000 AK-47 rifles since 2012 – and the Syrian regime was outraged to learn that Kurdish forces recently received an envoy from the United Arab …


Turkey has been actively deploying military equipment, including T-155 Firtina howitzers and ACV-15 armoured vehicles, to the area of the militant-held town of Azaz in northern Aleppo, according to Kurdish sources.
Turkey and pro-Turkish militant groups are allegedly preparing for a large advance against Kurdish militants in the area of Afrin. The YPG-held town of Tell Rifat may become the first target of this advance. Photos (source: @PYD_Rojava):

Israeli Army Intensifies Activity In Border Area With Lebanon

The Hezbollah media wing announced that a group of 19 Israeli Army soldiers, at 7:35 am on June 21, broke through the technical fence in the Karam al-Sharqi area – Mays al-Jabal. According to the military media, the Israeli force was stationed in a place where the Israeli Army had previously removed an Israeli spy device. This was not the first time when the Israeli Army crossed the technical fence. It is worth mentioning that crossing the technical fence is not considered as crossing into the Lebanese territory, where the technical fence is located in an unrecognized area. The military media published photos and video of the Israeli soldiers as they crossed the fence, as a Hizbollah appeared to be fully monitoring the front with Israel. From its side, Israel began several months ago to build additional fortifications, and set up during 2016-2017 a large number of spy devices on the front or even within Lebanese territory. However, the Lebanese Army managed to remove a major part of …

Alleged Video Appears Showing Moment When ISIS Blew Up Al-Nuri Kabir Mosque In Old Mosul

An allegedvideo showing the destruction of the Al-Nuri Kabir Mosque in Old Mosul appeared online and now is actively circulating in social media. On June 21st, ISIS terrorists blew up the Al-Nuri Kabir Mosque where ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a ‘Caliphate’ in 2014. The photo allegedly shows the site after the destruction: Source: The US-led coalition statement on the issue: