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Day 9 of Turkey’s incursion into Syria

Day 9 of Turkey’s Euphrates Shield Operation saw the Free Syrian Army, the Turkish military and Turkey-backed Islamist proxies capture four villages from ISIS.

The four villages captured were Sabuniyah east, Sabuniyah west, Tell Aghbar and Sha’inah, that all lay west of Jarablus. These advancements now being the Turkey-backed militants within 6km of Sarjur lake.

Meanwhile in al-Rai however, ISIS recaptured 4 villages from the Turkey-backed militants putting a huge dent on there offensive to connect their areas of control in al-Rai and Jarablus.

Interestingly however was the fact that days ago Turkey-backed Islamist proxies caught and tortured Kurdish YPG militants caught. In return, Islamist’s involved in the beating and torture were they themselves caught by the YPG.

The Turkey military had no casualties with the Free Syrian Army and Islamist proxies only having 3 wounded from a land mine. No reports on YPG or ISIS casualties.

Israeli Think Tank: ISIS Serves Positive Function, Helps Fight Iran

An Israeli professor with expertise in middle eastern strategic issues and an adviser to the Israeli government on national security issues says ISIS is no worse than Iran and serves a positive purpose.

Efraim Inbar is a professor of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University and the director of the Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies, an Israeli academic think tank that carries out studies for the Israeli government and NATO.

RT reports:

Inbar published a controversial article where he argues that ISIS can play a role in undermining Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Russia. The think tank’s director also claims that the continued existence of the terrorist group helps ‘bad guys to kill bad guys,‘ and the West should allow ISIS to exist even despite its brutality.

RT: Why do you see the continued existence of ISIS as preferable to its destruction?

Efraim Inbar: We have to recognize that the main source for instability and the main danger to peace in the Middle East is Iran. And as a res…

Tens of Thousands Of Scientists Declare Climate Change A Hoax

A staggering 30,000 scientists have come forward confirming that man-made climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the elite in order to make money.

One of the experts is weather channel founder, John Coleman, who warns that huge fortunes are being made by man-made climate change proponents such as Al Gore.

Natural News reports:

In a recent interview with Climate Depot, Coleman said:

“Al Gore may emerge from the shadows to declare victory in the ‘global warming’ debate if Hillary Clinton moves into the White House. Yes, if that happens and the new climate regulations become the law of the land, they will be next to impossible to overturn for four to eight years.”

Climate change proponents remain undeterred in their mission, ignoring numerous recent scientific findings indicating that there has been no warming trend at all for nearly two decades.

Al Gore’s dire predictions of the melting of polar ice on a massive scale have proved to be completely false. In fact, in 2014 – a year that was to…