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Life under Isis: Sunnis face an even bleaker future in Iraq if the militants' reign of terror is finally defeated

The idea is to repeat the US success in 2006-07 in supporting the Sunni “Awakening Movement” which weakened, though it never destroyed, al-Qaeda in Iraq, the predecessor of Isis. Now as then, many Sunnis hate the extremists for their merciless violence and enforcement of outlandish and arbitrary rules on personal behaviour that have no connection to even the strictest interpretation of sharia.

The fact that so many Sunnis are alienated from or terrified by Isis should present an opportunity for Baghdad, since Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s government is meant to be more inclusive than that of his predecessor, Nouri al-Maliki. Increasingly aggressive sectarian policies pursued by Mr Maliki during his eight years in power are now blamed for turning peaceful protests by Sunnis into armed resistance and pushing the Sunni community into the arms of Isis. This is an over-simplified version of recent history, but with the new government lauded internationally for its non-sectarian stance, t…

Who owns the Nile? It’s more complicated than you think

Military action in Yemen: Who's for, who's against?

Yemen: 'Corpses are lying in the streets'

Sanaa - A dispirited Saleh al-Wesabi, 31, sits with his legs folded in his brother's house in Dar Slim, in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, recalling when an air strike destroyed his house last weekend.

"It all began at 2:30am, when we woke up shaken by the sound of the strike," he told Al Jazeera. "The entire neighbourhood was razed to the ground; young women and children were trapped under heavy boulders."

Wesabi's wife and children sustained minor injuries, and the family fled soon after to their village in Ibb province,194km south of the capital.

Wesabi is one of about 120,000 people who have been displaced from their homes since the Saudi-led campaign of air strikes began late last month, according to the United Nations.

As the air campaign entered its second week, international organisations warned that the country was headed towards a major humanitarian crisis, affecting millions of people.

With a population of just under 26 million people, Yemen is the Ara…

Yemen – The Big Picture

By Peter Koenig

As usual, western media are deliberately confusing in communicating on the latest Mid-East conflict which eventually led to the recent atrocious bombing of Yemen by the US-directed Saudi alliance, including Qatar and other Gulf monarchies. They are proxies, to be sure, for their Washington masters. My heart is bleeding for Yemen, a country of warm and generous people I got to know well, working with them in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Yemen is a patchwork of tribes, the result of former colonies, therefore made vulnerable for conflicts; easily ignitable conflicts. A situation left behind on purpose by the old British colonial masters, today servants to the Washington Empire. That’s the name of the game throughout the Middle East – and eventually throughout the world. Divide and rule, – by Zionist-Anglo-Saxon organized and never-ending chaos.

It is certainly true, where ever the US and its NATO cronies put their heavy boots, they create lasting misery and chaos. But these…