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Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan Join Strikes Against ISIS

The Royal Saudi Air Force participated in US-led bombing strikes against Islamic State (ISIS) insurgents in Syria, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said on Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia, the world's top oil exporter and birthplace of Islam, has funneled cash and arms to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but has also opposed Islamist militants within the anti-Assad insurgency.

“An official source revealed that the Royal Saudi Air Force took part in military operations in Syria against the Islamic State group and to support the moderate Syrian opposition, within an international coalition, to combat terrorism..., and to support the fraternal Syrian people in returning security, unity and development to this devastated country,” SPA said.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal Al Saud told SPA that the war against terrorist organizations would take years and require hard work and commitment from all parties.

“Today we face a very dangerous situation where terrorist cells have…

COINTELRPO Revisited: Greenwald Exposes NSA Agenda to Destroy Journalists

Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group engages in everything from trolling to honey traps

by Kurt Nimmo

Glenn Greenwald has posted a story showing how the NSA and government agents work to “manipulate, deceive, and destroy” the reputations of journalists.

“Over the last several weeks, I worked with NBC News to publish a series of articles about ‘dirty trick’ tactics used by GCHQ’s previously secret unit, JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group),” Greenwald wrote on Wednesday.

GCHQ stands for Government Communications Headquarters, a British intelligence and security agency that works closely with the National Security Agency in the United States.

JTRIG, exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, specializes in dirty tricks to “destroy, deny, degrade [and] disrupt” enemies by “discrediting” them, planting misinformation and shutting down their communications,” according to NBC News.

In addition to cyber and denial of service attacks, JTRIG engages in propaganda efforts, called “…

Iraqi PM unveils ‘ISIS plots’ to attack Paris and American subways, US says no clear evidence

Subway system in New York, December 19, 2012. (Reuters/Andrew Burton)

Islamic State militants plan to launch terrorist attacks in US and Paris subways, said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, citing "credible" sources. US officials dismissed the Iraqi claim, stating they have no evidence of terror plots.

 Abadi made the remarks at a meeting with reporters on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday.

"Today, while I am here, I am receiving accurate reports from Baghdad where there was the arrest of a few elements and there are networks planning from inside Iraq to have attacks," he said.

"They plan to have attacks in the metros of Paris and the US," he added. "From the details I have received, yes, it looks credible."

Abadi added that it is not clear whether the attack was imminent, adding that the intelligence was gleaned from arrests of IS militants in Iraq.

An Iraqi official at the UN also told the BBC that several IS …

Iran’s Rouhani blames ‘certain intelligence agencies’ for rise of global extremism


The rise of violent extremism around the world is the fault of “certain states” and “intelligence agencies” that have helped to create it and are failing to withstand it, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in an address to the UN General Assembly.

Speaking at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Rouhani stressed that extremism is not a regional but a global issue, and called on states worldwide to unite against the extremists.

“Certain states have helped to create it, and are now failing to withstand it. Currently our peoples are paying the price," he said. "Certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hand of the madmen, who now spare no one.”

Rouhani also said the current anti-Western sentiment in certain parts of the world was "the offspring ofyesterday's colonialism. Today's anti-Westernism is a reaction to yesterday's racism.”

The Iranian president urged “all those who have played a role in founding and supporting these ter…