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Russian Federation desires the Status Quo with Finland: NATO Expansion

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation is alarmed by the possible encroachment of NATO reaching Finland. This is based on the shared border between the Russian Federation and Finland along with the reality of NATO creating new major geopolitical concerns. Therefore, while political elites in Moscow fully respect the democratic rights of the people of Finland, the reality is that NATO membership of this nation will lead to counter-measures by the Russian Federation.

Putin pointedly reminded Finland that the current status quo benefits both nations. After all, military forces of the Russian Federation have been kept at a firm distance from border areas. This measure was implemented by Moscow based on the need to reassure Finland. At the same time, Putin wanted to show his full appreciation towards elites in Helsinki for the neutral stance taken by this nation in the realm of geopolitics.

However, if Finland decides to join NATO then mutual respect would take a battering given …

Sunni Islamists Target non-Muslims for Slaughter in Bangladesh: Many Japanese Killed

Sunni Islamists are butchering innocents in countless nations and the atmosphere is now turning dark in modern day Bangladesh. After all, in recent times bloggers, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Secularists, writers, and anyone deemed un-Islamic, have been targeted. Of course, in the mindset of Sunni Takfiris then minority Muslim sects including the Ahmadiyya and Shia face the wrath of these sectarian terrorists. Therefore, the singling out of non-Muslims for slaughter in the capital of Bangladesh resembles the systematic targeting of Christians in Kenya and the butchering of Shia Muslims in several nations at the hands of Sunni Takfiris.

According to initial reports, 20 people were killed in a well-known restaurant in Dhaka after armed Sunni Islamists stormed this place. A state of panic ensued and hostages were taken. Immediately non-Muslims feared the worse because Muslims became separated from the future slaughter.

Associated Press (France 24) reports “The attack marks an escalation…

Blast outside US consulate service in Saudi Arabia as police stop suicide bomber

Saudi Arabia’s security forces shot dead a suicide bomber outside of the US consulate service in the port city of Jeddah, local media reported. The attacker was killed while trying to detonate himself as Americans kicked off 4th of July celebrations.

Two police officers were injured during the attack, according to state TV.

The assailant parked his car outside a hospital near the consulate at about 2:15 a.m. local time (July 3, 2315 GMT). His device detonated shortly afterward.

According to witnesses, the blast took place mere 20 meters from the gate of the consulate.

An eyewitness also told Reuters that three further blasts rocked the scene. Police are believed to have carried out controlled explosions near the site.

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صحيفة عكاظ

انتحاري يفجر نفسه بجوار القنصلية الأمريكية في جدة …#عكاظ#جدة#عاجل
2:41 AM - 4 Jul 2016 · Makkah Al Mukarrama, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, المملكة العربية السعودية

Iraq violence: IS bombing kills 125 Ramadan shoppers in Baghdad

edia captihe massive explosions happened in a very crowded part of the city

A car bomb exploded on a busy street in the Karrada district late on Saturday.At least 125 people have been killed and about 150 injured in an explosion claimed by the so-called Islamic State group in Baghdad, Iraqi police sayThe mainly Shia area was busy with shoppers late at night because it is the holy month of Ramadan.

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi was met by angry crowds while visiting the scene on Sunday. He later declared three days of national mourning.

A second bomb also exploded at about midnight in a predominantly Shia area north of the capital, killing another five people.

The bombing in Karrada is the deadliest in Iraq this year and comes a week after Iraqi security forces recaptured the city of Falluja from Islamic State (IS) militants.

Police said the dead included at least 15 children and six policemen. At least 12 other people were missing, feared dead.

One senior Iraqi official warned that the death tol…