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Russian Air Force destroys 109 oil tankers for ISIS

Damascus, SANA-A military source said on Wednesday that 320 terrorists were killed and 109 oil tankers for ISIS were destroyed in the past 24 hours.

The source said in a statement to SANA that Russian Air Force, in cooperation with Syrian Air Force, carried out 59 sorties against 212 terrorist targets in Aleppo, Idleb, Lattakia, Hama, Homs, Hasaka and Raqqa.

The source added that during the sorties 320 terrorists were killed and 34 vehicles, 15 heavy-equipped vehicles, 2 tanks and BMP vehicle were destroyed.

The sorties also destroyed 94 oil tankers in Deir Ezzor and 15 oil tankers in Hasaka.

In Aleppo, at least 10 ISIS terrorists were killed during the sorties which targeted the gatherings and fortified positions of ISIS in addition to destroying 3 heavy-equipped vehicles, the source said.

Meanwhile in the central province of Homs, the source confirmed that a camouflaged base of ISIS was destroyed along with all ammunition depots, command centers and terrorists inside them in the area sur…

Germany unveils new counter-terrorism unit in wake of France attacks

Germany has created a new counter-terrorism police unit that will have up to 250 agents. The move followed analysis by national security revealing that German officers are not trained to deal with Paris-style terrorist attacks.

The new unit has been named the Beweissicherungs- und Festnahmeeinheit plus (“Evidence collection and arrest unit plus”), also referred as “BFE+,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has announced.

“The danger in Germany from international terrorism is high, as it is across Europe,” de Maiziere said at a police base in Blumberg. “It was high, it is high, and it will remain high for the foreseeable future.”

There will be fifty agents assigned to the first team, which will start work at the federal police’s Blumenberg base near Berlin immediately.

Another four teams will be added later, each one consisting of 50 agents. The additional teams will be spread out throughout the country and placed only in those locations where the national police have access to helicopte…