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NSA Spying to Cost US IT Companies $47 Billion in Next 3 Years

A Forrester Research study revealed that the US National Security Agency's PRISM surveillance program could cost US-based cloud and outsourcing vendors an overall three-year loss of $47 billion in revenues.

The US National Security Agency's (NSA) PRISM surveillance program could cost US-based cloud and outsourcing vendors an overall three-year loss of $47 billion in revenues, a Forrester Research study revealed.

Lost revenue from spending on cloud services and platforms is expected to amount to over $500 million in the period between 2014 and 2016, according to the analysis, released by the independent technology and market research company on April 1.

This Is How NSA Spying Screws US Businesses 
Twenty six percent of business and technology decision makers outside of the United States have already reduced or halted spending with US-based service providers, Forrester said. Between 2014 and 2016, the cloud revenue hit is projected to be $528 million.


Will Yemen Become Saudi Arabia's Vietnam?

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya an award-winning author and geopolitical analyst, who is also a member of the Scientific Committee of Geopolitica, spoke to Sputnik about the Saudi led coalition in Yemen.

Nazemroaya said that all military experts around the world including American ones and the ones in the Middle East agreed that airstrikes are never enough to defeat any force.

He also mentioned Libya saying that in that country airstrikes were not enough either. “You need operations on the ground”.

“The Saudis would be very foolish to embark on the ground operations. It will be their Vietnam in the Middle East, in the Arabian Peninsula. I can categorically tell you that airstrikes are not enough to stop any military action on the ground.”

He said that in fact Houthis have basically taken over Aden in the south and because of that he feels that Saudis are going to try and expand the war and bring in troops from Pakistan or mercenaries from other parts of the world.

“They might come under the flag …

The Hidden Hand Behind the Islamic State Militants? Saddam Hussein’s

By Liz Sly

SANLIURFA, Turkey — When Abu Hamza, a former Syrian rebel, agreed to join the Islamic State, he did so assuming he would become a part of the group’s promised Islamist utopia, which has lured foreign jihadists from around the globe.Instead, he found himself being supervised by an Iraqi emir and receiving orders from shadowy Iraqis who moved in and out of the battlefield in Syria. When Abu Hamza disagreed with fellow commanders at an Islamic State meeting last year, he said, he was placed under arrest on the orders of a masked Iraqi man who had sat silently through the proceedings, listening and taking notes.

Abu Hamza, who became the group’s ruler in a small community in Syria, never discovered the Iraqis’ real identities, which were cloaked by code names or simply not revealed. All of the men, however, were former Iraqi officers who had served under Saddam Hussein, including the masked man, who had once worked for an Iraqi intelligence agency and now belonged to the Islamic…