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North Korea threatens 'nuclear strike'

As the US and South Korea start their largest ever military exercises, Pyongyang warns of an "all-out offensive".

North Korea has pledged a "sacred war of justice for reunification" including a nuclear strike against the United States, saying joint military exercises by Seoul and Washington were being carried out to prepare for an invasion.

South Korean and United States troops began large-scale military exercises on Monday in an annual test of their defences against North Korea, which called the drills "nuclear war moves" and threatened to respond with an "all-out offensive".

South Korea said the exercises would be the largest ever following North Korea's fourthnuclear test in January and a long-range rocket launch last month that triggered a United Nations Security Council resolution and tough new sanctions.

Isolated North Korea has rejected criticism of is nuclear and rocket programmes, even from old ally China, and last week leader Kim Jong-…

The Caesar Photo Fraud that Undermined Syrian Negotiations

by Rick Sterling

A 30 page investigative report on the “Caesar Torture Photos” has been released and is available online here. The following is a condensed version of the report. Readers who are especially interested are advised to get the full report which includes additional details, photographs, sources and recommendations.


There is a pattern of sensational but untrue reports that lead to public acceptance of US and Western military intervention in countries around the world:

* In Gulf War 1, there were reports of Iraqi troops stealing incubators from Kuwait, leaving babies to die on the cold floor. Relying on the testimony of a Red Crescent doctor, Amnesty Interenational ‘verified’ the false claims.

* Ten years later, there were reports of yellow cake uranium going to Iraq for development of weapons of mass destruction.

* One decade later, there were reports of Libyan soldiers drugged on viagra and raping women as they advanced.

* In 2012, NBC broadcaster Richard Engel was s…